Workman’s Complication

Rich Leder claims that he writes funny books. He does.

Workman’s Complication is not your typical murder mystery. It has all the required ingredients of a murder mystery – and then some.

Most murder mysteries ask you to suspend belief and join the world of the story to see if you can solve the mystery along with the investigator. This one asks you to suspend all belief in reality so you can enjoy the outrageous adventures of Kate McCall, the crowd living in the House of Emotional Tics, and the Schmidt and Parker Players.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rich Leder

Rich Leder is a novelist and screenwriter that writes funny books.

Among other things, he is the creator of the McCall & Company series, which allows us to share in the madcap adventures of way-off-broadway actor and reluctant PI, Kate McCall, and her eccentric friends, as they investigate cases and cause mayhem across New York City. Continue reading “Rich Leder”