Reading After

After is not your typical police procedural.

Yes, it has a crime and a police investigation with complicating factors, and it’s a murder mystery with all the twists and turns you might expect. But, the police investigation plays second fiddle to the main story, which is Paul’s story.

While Inspector West and his team work on solving the mystery of Josie Ford’s murder, you’re taken into the world of Paul Ford to explore the impact an unexpected death has on the family of the victim. Continue reading “Reading After”

Project management secrets.

The secret to project management is working out what you have to do before you start doing it.

Everyday_Project_Man_Cover_for_KindleHow many times, when you were starting on a problem solving task, have you launched yourself into solution mode instead of analysing the problem, only to regret your haste later?

When you rush into a job, you often realise, after you’ve committed to one course of action, that there are other and better ways you could be doing it. Sometimes, you even discover that you’re working on a solution to the wrong problem. Continue reading “Project management secrets.”