The New Girlfriend

Sometimes you need to allow a bit of space between completing a manuscript and starting on all the editing and proofreading required to prepare it for publishing. When I finished the final draft for Holy Death, the next title in the Inspector West series, I indulged myself by writing a short romance story: The New Girlfriend.

The story was inspired by the ‘new girlfriend’ adventures of a couple of my mates, and my reading of Transitions – making sense of life’s changes by William Bridges, when I was preparing to retire from the public service.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Continue reading “The New Girlfriend”

Crime and romance together

Murder MysteryThe stories in the Inspector West series are a blending of crime and romance stories.

You might wonder why anyone would write crime stories with a  love story theme. Continue reading “Crime and romance together”

Sex matters – another perspective

My previous post explored sex matters from OSHO’s perspective.  For another perspective I’ve turned to Paul Ford, whose thoughts on the matter open my book. Continue reading “Sex matters – another perspective”

It’s not possible for you to be without Love


This is one of nine ‘it’s not possible’ statements given by Jeshua in The Way of Transformation course. You can find out more about the course at

It’s an interesting statement to sit with. When you read the statement to yourself, what comes up? Does it sound even remotely like it could be true? Continue reading “It’s not possible for you to be without Love”

A broken heart is not the end of the story

If every cloud has a silver lining, gratitude is the window for viewing the storm clouds of your life to see that lining. You can choose resentment, if you prefer, but you’ll have a different experience.

Shit happens. You can see it as a mess you have to deal with or a pile of fertiliser; a disaster or an opportunity. Continue reading “A broken heart is not the end of the story”