3 secret ingredients of productivity

Before we examine the factors that impact on your productivity in detail, let’s take a moment to think about what it means to be productive in the workplace.

Being productive is more than just being busy. You’ve no doubt had days when you were busy all day but, at the end of the day, felt as if you hadn’t actually achieved anything. I know I have.

Work is something we do with intent. It has a purpose. It’s not just a way of passing the time. You generally don’t get paid for that.

Being productive at work or in your own business is about getting things done that you want to get done for a specific reason, and I don’t mean so you’ll get paid. That’s a by-product of being productive. Continue reading “3 secret ingredients of productivity”

Living your life on purpose

Expanding love is the purpose of the soul. How the soul goes about doing that colours the life purpose of its manifestations in form – us.

It doesn’t actually matter what you choose to do as your life’s work – it can always be infused with the soul’s purpose of expanding love.

The challenge is allowing the soul to inform you how to live your life as a servant of its purpose, while you’re doing what you have chosen as your life’s work. Continue reading “Living your life on purpose”

No ordinary moments

All of us live a life composed of moments. One moment follows another, from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

Most of us, given the media coverage of today’s heroes and celebrities, believe we live ordinary lives. We might have the occasional special moment, like getting married, the birth of a child, launching a business venture or retiring after forty years in the workforce, but in the main, we see our lives as routine. Continue reading “No ordinary moments”

The journey

A few thoughts you might like to ponder about life, the universe, and the journey we‘re on. If you’re game.

Most of us are aware of the journey that starts with birth and ends with death. If you identify yourself with your body, death is the end of the road. No surprises there. Continue reading “The journey”