These words are already in the language

Social Integration

A process allowing members of a society to achieve and maintain peaceful social relations through dialogue. Social Integration is focused on the need to move toward a safe, stable and just society by forming and mending conditions of social disintegration – social fragmentation, exclusion and polarization; and by expanding and strengthening conditions of social integration – towards peaceful social relations of coexistence, collaboration and cohesion. Continue reading “These words are already in the language”

Radical advice from an unexpected quarter

I’m sitting in the equivalent of a cave, in New York, with a view over lower Manhattan that transforms into a colourful spectacle as the sun slips below the horizon and the lights, spilling from hundreds of apartment windows and from atop the One World Trade Center, twinkle in the darkness. Continue reading “Radical advice from an unexpected quarter”

Time for peace in the Middle East

Peace is extended, not imposed.

You cannot extend peace with guns, rockets, tanks or any other means of violence.

You use violence (war) to impose defeat – not peace.

To extend peace requires an open heart, not a closed fist.

What is it about the obvious that the men with guns in the Middle East don’t get? Continue reading “Time for peace in the Middle East”