Creating a meaningful to do list.

To do lists.

We all create them.

Which list does your to do list look like?

List A:

  • Eat – look after the body
  • Pray – stay connected to Source
  • Love – reach out to others
  • Work – complete mundane tasks

List B:

  • Work
  • Work
  • Work
  • Work

We are not here to simply work.


Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

Forty years

Forty years is a long time – by some reckonings.

It represents a continuous span of 14,600 days.

On reflection, it seems I have had a lot of opportunities for expressing love, since we got married on the 11th of May 1975.

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Time to rethink the war on drugs

The so-called ‘war on drugs’ was kicked off by the Nixon administration in 1971, with the intention of discouraging the production, distribution, and consumption of illegal psychoactive drugs.

The USA is not the only country actively engaged in the war. It’s become an obsession of the West.

Each year billions of dollars are spent on law enforcement and military activities in the name of defeating the drug lords.

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun. It allows you the opportunity to give your friend/lover/spouse a cheeky card and an extravagant or ridiculous gift – depending on your sense of humour.

It’s a moment to pause and remind yourself why you have or want that special person in your life. It’s also an opportunity to say those magic words: ‘I love you.’ Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Hell – hot or cold?

For those of us living in Southern Australia, the traditional biblical picture of hell has been a living reality this last week.

We have endured five days straight of 42 degrees C plus ( that’s around 108 F plus for those living in the non-metric world) daytime temperatures, fanned by hot northerly winds, and very warm nights. Continue reading “Hell – hot or cold?”

Endings – Good grief!

We’ve reached that moment for enjoying the dying days of 2013. This time last year we were pondering the significance of the Mayan calendar completing a full cycle as we ended 2012 on the Gregorian calendar. It was an ending of sorts but it was not the end.

Our life stories are made up of events with beginnings and endings. Continue reading “Endings – Good grief!”

It’s not possible for you to be without Love


This is one of nine ‘it’s not possible’ statements given by Jeshua in The Way of Transformation course. You can find out more about the course at

It’s an interesting statement to sit with. When you read the statement to yourself, what comes up? Does it sound even remotely like it could be true? Continue reading “It’s not possible for you to be without Love”