Louise Penny country

This week we’re in Montreal, Quebec – in Louise Penny country.IMG_0966


We are staying in the Old Port of Montreal, which I understand is the original town. The streets are narrow and the buildings are only four or five storeys high, like in European cities.

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How do you survive a long flight?


When you live in Australia, flying anywhere is a long flight. Continue reading “How do you survive a long flight?”

Tribes – which one are you in?

Stylized_MasaiWhen we first started roaming the planet we did it in small groups or tribes. In the traditional sense of the word, a tribe is a related group of people with some sort of kinship or other social bond. Tribes were about belonging, and in many senses they still are. Think football fans, for example. They even get dressed up in their team’s colors to hang out at games together. Continue reading “Tribes – which one are you in?”