Crossing the start line

The journey starts that day you wake up and wonder what is going on in your life.

That’s the day you realize there has to be more to life than whatever you’ve been doing.

It’s the day you start questioning whether what people are telling you is the truth. It’s the day you stop being one of the herd.

That ‘day’ may dawn on you over a period of years or it may arrive as an unexpected life event you can’t fail to notice.

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The light


 …is always available to you, even in the darkest hours.

Enjoy the Easter break – no matter where you are on the journey!


Reluctant mystic

A reluctant mystic is someone who knows they’re on the journey but is hesitant about Advisingtaking the next step.

We all have reluctant mystic moments.

What words of encouragement or advice would you give a friend experiencing a reluctant mystic moment?

What words of encouragement have helped you resume the journey when you were the reluctant one?

Please leave a comment – you never know who you might be helping.

Choosing a horse for the journey

In mythology, the horse a hero rides symbolises the means or vehicle that hero has chosenknightonawildhorse for life’s journey, and it tells us something about who the hero thinks they are and where they think they’re going.

Sometimes, that horse is chosen with great care; for example, if the hero is a knight setting out on a quest he chooses a well-trained destrier or warhorse. Continue reading “Choosing a horse for the journey”

No ordinary moments

All of us live a life composed of moments. One moment follows another, from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

Most of us, given the media coverage of today’s heroes and celebrities, believe we live ordinary lives. We might have the occasional special moment, like getting married, the birth of a child, launching a business venture or retiring after forty years in the workforce, but in the main, we see our lives as routine. Continue reading “No ordinary moments”

The journey

A few thoughts you might like to ponder about life, the universe, and the journey we‘re on. If you’re game.

Most of us are aware of the journey that starts with birth and ends with death. If you identify yourself with your body, death is the end of the road. No surprises there. Continue reading “The journey”