Need a change? Read a new author.

We’re creatures of habit, and that applies to our reading habits as well.

When was the last time you consciously chose to read a new author, someone you haven’t read before? Continue reading “Need a change? Read a new author.”

One False Move

David Callinan’s One False Move is a quick read.

It’s a short story introducing the fast-paced world of ex-US assassin, ex-Hong Kong Police, ex-esoteric monk, Irish-American Mike Delaney.

When I read that string of words describing Mike Delaney I thought of that other ex-monk, ex-policeman, Ten (Guy Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay) but, as I got into the story, I realized Mike Delaney was more like Jack Reacher (Lee Childs) or John Milton (Mark Dawson). Continue reading “One False Move”

David Callinan

David Callinan is the creator of the Mike Delaney thrillers.

If you like a thriller, you can download a couple of Mike Delaney novellas from David’s website, and join me in finding out what mischief Mike Delaney is mixed up in.

I’ve downloaded One False Move to see whether I like his style. Continue reading “David Callinan”