1 (8)At times, your plans do not work out as envisioned. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and you get the opportunity to rethink or explore other ways of achieving your outcome.

I’m having one of those moments today. I’m working on producing a paperback with coloured pictures, and today I’ve discovered that Word does things to the resolution of images when you export the file to pdf that I hadn’t anticipated. So, it’s back to the drawing board, so to speak. Continue reading “Patience”

On being a mystic

San-Francisco-de-AsisOnce upon a time, I thought that being a mystic was all about prayer, fasting and meditation – and living in the spiritual realms of existence.

You know, being a living saint, like Francis of Assisi, or a modern day holy man like Bede Griffiths. Continue reading “On being a mystic”