The secret of appreciation

The secret of appreciation


We are highly skilled at complaining about the things that are wrong in our lives. We all know what we don’t want or don’t have.

When was the last time you focused on the things that are working for you? The things that you have and want in your life. Continue reading “The secret of appreciation”

Teachable moments

Life is a series of moments.

Every one of those moments is a teachable moment.

Sometimes it feels like you are being asked to take the role of teacher.

At other times you know you are the student. Continue reading “Teachable moments”

Special Roles

Some of us are ‘special’

In our world, people are rewarded for the roles they play, and we treat some roles as being more important, special or of a higher value. The chief executive officer (CEO) role, for example, is seen as a more important role, one that makes a more valuable contribution to the success of the company than, say the role of the mailroom clerk, who only ensures that incoming mail is delivered to the correct inbox and that outgoing mail makes it into the postal system. Consequently, the CEO is paid several multiples of what the mailroom clerk is paid – in some cases 100’s of times more. Continue reading “Special Roles”