Cooking 4 One

Cooking 4 One

An introduction to cooking for men who find themselves living alone.

Living on your own? Sick of eating takeaways?

This little book will help you master the art of feeding yourself.

Cooking 4 One is a basic, no-frills cookbook. There are no intimidating pictures. There are no fancy recipes you need a degree in food science to understand. The focus is on cooking for yourself, so the instructions are about how you do it for one.

If you’ve never cooked before, take comfort in the knowledge that if you can boil a pan of water on a cooktop, you already possess one of the main skills required for success in the kitchen.

Cooking 4 One covers buying and storing food, and preparing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It has sample menus to help you plan your meals and a section on entertaining – for when you’ve mastered the basics.

Written by a fellow traveller, who unexpectedly found himself on his own, this little book dispels the myth that cooking is complicated.

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