Everyday Business Skills

Everyday Business Skills

Skills you can use every day to make your life easier.

Everyday Project Management

Projects involving billions of dollars require serious project management by highly qualified and experienced project managers. You probably won’t be doing any of that if you’re looking at this book, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from applying the principles of project management to your everyday work or personal projects.

Everyday Project Management demystifies project management for untrained project managers and gives them access to tools the professional use – without having to read hundreds of pages or take a test.

Everyday Project Management is informed by my twenty years of playing in the project space in banking and government, and my use of project management principles in writing and publishing numerous books.


Everyday Money Management

If you never seem to have enough money or you’re thinking about starting a small business – this is a book for you.

The problem with money is never the money. Money is simply a tool. The problem with money management always comes down to one thing: the money manager. In your case, if you’re having money problems, that’s you.

Money management is a simple task that is easy to understand but it requires a plan and self-discipline. Everyday Money Management gives you the money management education you missed. Study the four basic principles, follow the money management strategy, and take charge of your money.


Everyday Productivity

You’ve tried the productivity apps. Now you’re looking for ways to work smarter that actually make a difference to your productivity.

In this easy-to-read book, I share my insights for working smarter with you – insights gleaned from 40 productive years in education, banking and government.

Inside, you’ll learn about the ‘three secret productivity ingredients’ and be guided through an examination of eight areas that influence your productivity: lifestyle, attitude, work environment, habits, tools, skills, knowledge, and community.

After working through the guided exercises devoted to each of those eight areas, you’ll have a set of action plans for improving your productivity, and the opportunity to put those plans into practice and make a difference.


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