Crime fiction set in Australia

The Stella Bruno Investigates series is set in and around Adelaide, South Australia.

A few things to bear in mind when reading The Identity Thief.

Australia went metric in 1975. The units of measurements are the same ones you encounter in Europe.

Distance is expressed in kilometres (and we spell it that way too), temperature in degrees Celsius, weight in kilograms, and height in metres or centimetres.

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Everyday Money Management (Everyday Business Skills book 3)

If you never seem to have enough money or you’re thinking about starting a small business – this is a book for you.

The problem with money is never the money.

Money is simply a tool. The problem with money management always comes down to one thing: the money manager. In your case, if you’re having money problems, that’s you.

Money management is a simple task that is easy to understand but it requires a plan and self-discipline.

In Everyday Money Management, retired banker and auditor, Peter Mulraney, gives you the money management education you missed.

Study the four basic principles, follow the money management strategy, and take charge of your money.

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 In the publishing pipeline

The mystic returns with a new book of insights.

My Life is My Responsibility: Insights for Conscious Living

Conscious living involves being aware of what’s going on in your life and, more importantly, what’s going on in your mind.

How you experience life depends on what you choose to believe.

If you never take the time to examine your beliefs, or to question your assumptions, you end up living unconsciously. When you live unconsciously, you live your life according to somebody else’s beliefs. You end up trying to meet somebody else’s expectations and not your own.

The insights in this book flow from a sense of being aware that you can change the world, but not in the way most of us think about doing that.

Real change happens when you accept that there is only one thing that can be changed: how you choose to see things.

Whistelblower – Inspector West returns

Whistleblower – Inspector West returns in a new murder mystery on March 3.

A whistleblower exposes other people’s secrets.

Death exposes the secrets of all, including a whistleblower’s.

Inspector West investigates the death of a public service whistleblower and discovers the whistleblower has a few secrets of his own.

If you like murder mixed with mystery, and a story full of twists and surprises, you’ll enjoy Peter Mulraney’s Whistleblower, the fourth book in his Inspector West series.

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Looking to boost your productivity in 2017?

Planning on boosting your productivity this year? Here’s something that might just make the difference between thinking about it and doing it.

Everyday Productivity

You’ve tried the productivity apps. Now you’re looking for ways to work smarter that actually make a difference to your productivity.

Here’s some guidance from someone who’s been there before you.

In this easy to read book, author Peter Mulraney, with 40 productive years in education, banking and government behind him, shares his insights for working smarter with you.

Inside, you’ll learn about the ‘three secret productivity ingredients’ and be guided through an examination of eight areas that influence your productivity: lifestyle, attitude, work environment, habits, tools, skills, knowledge, and community.

After working through the guided exercises devoted to each of those eight areas, you’ll have a set of action plans for improving your productivity, and the opportunity to put those plans into practice and make a difference.

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Lifestyle Action Plan – part 3


Rebalancing priorities

Write down the steps you intend to take to get your life into balance.

It’s not uncommon for people focused on productivity in the workplace to find, when they look at the way they are allocating their time, that their lives are out of balance. Usually the problem is too great a focus on work at the expense of other areas in their lives.

If you picture the aspects of your life as making up the components of a wheel, the aim is to get all things into alignment so that your wheel will turn smoothly. Interestingly, getting things into balance actually makes it easier to be more productive at work. Continue reading “Lifestyle Action Plan – part 3”

Lifestyle Action Plan – part 1

slide2An action plan is a list of steps designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The most important part of any action plan comes after you compile it. It will be no more than a piece of paper with words on it unless you actually take action on the things you list in the plan.

Use a piece of paper, a journal or the template available in the Everyday Productivity Workbook to draw up your Lifestyle Action Plan, using the findings from your Lifestyle Self-Audit.

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Lifestyle self-audit part 2

slide2Money matters

I assume you know how much you earn each month; but do you know how much you’re spending?

No, I’m not going to ask you to keep a spending log but I am suggesting that you invest the time required to get a firm understanding of your current cash flow situation. However, if you find that you can’t account for a significant amount of your spending, then you might want to keep a spending log for a week or more to see where those missing dollars, pounds or euros are going.

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Lifestyle self-audit part 1

slide2This is the part where you review aspects of your lifestyle to become aware of what you’re doing, or not doing, that may be causing you stress and reducing your effectiveness in the workplace.

By the way, there are no right or wrong answers. What we’re doing is looking at information so that you can make informed choices. Nobody is perfect at any of this stuff but the more aware you are of what you’re doing, the better placed you’ll be to make those informed choices that may not only improve your productivity but your lifestyle outcomes as well. Continue reading “Lifestyle self-audit part 1”