Michael Leunig

My library holds several books by Michael Leunig, an Australian cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet, who has been keeping us entertained with his commentary on political, cultural and emotional life for more than forty years.

You can get an overview of his life’s work at Michael Leunig

If you spend some time looking at the gallery of his cartoons you’ll get a greater appreciation of his genius. (You can expand each image by opening it in a new tab or window.)


Peter James and The Roy Grace Tribe

The Roy Grace Tribe

The Roy Grace series, by author Peter James, has an impressive tribal following.  The 10 books in the series are reputed to have total sales in excess of 15 million copies. A quick calculation, allowing each reader one copy of each title, says we are talking a tribe of at least 1.5 million readers – more if we allow for those who have only sampled a couple of the books in the series. Continue reading “Peter James and The Roy Grace Tribe”