The Good Life Project

The Good Life Project, presented by Jonathan Fields, provides insight into how other people live their lives. The weekly videos are always interesting and offer perspectives you may not have considered. I enjoy them.

This week Jonathan provided a jam session on: How do you handle naysayers? Continue reading “The Good Life Project”

Hell – hot or cold?

For those of us living in Southern Australia, the traditional biblical picture of hell has been a living reality this last week.

We have endured five days straight of 42 degrees C plus ( that’s around 108 F plus for those living in the non-metric world) daytime temperatures, fanned by hot northerly winds, and very warm nights. Continue reading “Hell – hot or cold?”

Deep self-honesty

Self-honesty requires simply observing the mind, and the behaviour that flows from it, as it gestures itself out to the world. We think we can keep what’s in the mind secret, but if you observe what you do (or don’t) say or do, you’ll start to see that often the only person not aware of what you’re thinking is you. The body gives it away every time. We’ve all heard the one about actions speaking louder than words. Unfortunately, it’s true. Continue reading “Deep self-honesty”

The rule of three

The idea for this week’s post comes from Bob Baker, who is the guru of guerrilla marketing for authors and book publishers, so you can probably guess why I know about him.

Bob suggests we limit ourselves to three big goals for the year, instead of overwhelming ourselves with a long list of resolutions as we embark on the new year.

He suggests that once we have our three goals, we can draw up a plan of action, using the rule of three, to break down what needs to be done to achieve those goals into manageable steps. What the project management people call ‘chunking’. Yes, I do project management in other parts of my life – and it comes in handy when you’re writing and publishing your own books. Continue reading “The rule of three”

Endings – Good grief!

We’ve reached that moment for enjoying the dying days of 2013. This time last year we were pondering the significance of the Mayan calendar completing a full cycle as we ended 2012 on the Gregorian calendar. It was an ending of sorts but it was not the end.

Our life stories are made up of events with beginnings and endings. Continue reading “Endings – Good grief!”

Christmas 2013

What is Christmas really about? Is it about remembering the birth of a child some two thousand years ago? Or is it about something else?

For me, Christmas gives us a moment to reflect on who we are, what we’re doing and where we’re going. Christmas gives a pause in which to remember that we all belong to the one family, and an opportunity to reach out to each other in love.

Yes, the life of Jesus was inspiring. A lot of words have been written about it.

I invite you to take a moment this Christmas to reflect on your life, and give yourself the gift of recognising the inspiration that you are.

Love to all, Peter

Sex matters – another perspective

My previous post explored sex matters from OSHO’s perspective.  For another perspective I’ve turned to Paul Ford, whose thoughts on the matter open my book. Continue reading “Sex matters – another perspective”

Sex matters

Sex matters is the name of a book of discourses delivered by OSHO on the topic: From sex to superconsciousness.

Word of warning: If you don’t want your preconceived notions of anything challenged, don’t read any of OSHO’s works. Continue reading “Sex matters”

I’ve published my first book!

Plenty of excitement at my place this week. The long period between writing and proof-reading came to an end, and I clicked that magic little ‘submit’ button for Amazon.

You can check out what all the excitement is about at:

After and get yourself a copy.


It is not possible for you to be alone

Another of Jeshua’s ‘it is not possible’ statements to spend some time with.

I dare say most of you do not believe this statement. Most of us equate being alone with loneliness, which has to be avoided at all cost. Continue reading “It is not possible for you to be alone”