Be Generous

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Being generous means you’re prepared to share your resources, knowledge, and skills for the benefit of others. In fact, you’re prepared to give them away with no expectation of getting anything in return. 

Being generous is acting from the realisation we are in this project of life together and get a better outcome when we share and lend each other a helping hand.

When you’re generous, you’re saying you think of the welfare of others.

Be Collaborative

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Being collaborative is how you signal you’re a team player, whether that team is a work team, a family, or a partnership. It’s about pitching in to help, lending a hand, or joining in a group effort to get something done.  

We are social beings, and working together builds cohesion and a sense of belonging.

Be Considerate

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One sure way to upset people is to do something that affects them without consulting them first. If you’d like people to show you some respect, the solution is to respect their feelings first. 

Being considerate means thinking about the impact your actions may have on others and communicating with them before you act. 

If you’re in a personal or professional relationship, being considerate is how you show the significant others in your life they are important to you.

Be Compassionate

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Being compassionate allows you to appreciate a situation from another person’s point of view and consider their circumstances before acting. Compassion allows you to show genuine concern for others.

Being compassionate is an expression of solidarity with others in your life. It’s an expression of your humanity. It’s a way of showing people your heart is open.

Be peaceful

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The easiest way to live in a peaceful world is to be a peaceful person. 

Stop fighting with people simply because you disagree with them. Listen instead of shouting them down. You might learn something and make a new friend instead of creating an enemy. 

Being peaceful means choosing to stay unruffled when others question or oppose your point of view or disagree with your decisions. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You don’t have to justify yours or demolish theirs. You can agree to disagree without starting world war three every time someone sees the world differently. 

It takes courage and self-confidence to be peaceful but we all like being around a peaceful person. Why not be that peaceful person?

How to create a 3 month cash reserve

It’s never been a good strategy to live from payday to payday without savings.

Yet, for a variety of reasons, a lot of us do just that.

Some of us now have direct experience of what happens when our part of the economy shut downs overnight and we don’t have the cash reserves to tide us over until things open up again. 

It’s been a bit of a rude shock for some.

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Books to read while social distancing

If you’re looking for something to read while staying at home, I’ve written a few books you might want to consider.

Looking for some crime fiction? Check out my Inspector West and Stella Bruno Investigates series.

How about a few ideas on Living Alone?

Or maybe you want to brush up on a few skills while you have the time. Check out my Everyday Business Skills series.

Thinking about writing a book? Take a look at Field Notes for Writers.

Maybe you’re looking for something light and contemporary. The New Girlfriend might be just what you need.

Perhaps you’ve reached that point where you need something a little more introspective, something a little more deep and meaningful. I’ve got a selection of books from my writings as a Mystic that might be just what you need.

None of them will cost you much. They’re all reasonably priced.

Make the most of this moment.

Welcome to the world of self-isolation – the place where we stay at home.

If you can work from home, you’ve got something to get on with during working hours, but if you can’t, then you have some extra hours to fill.

Even if you are still able to work, the range of after-hours activities available to all of us has been seriously curtailed. The pubs, bars and eating places are closed. The theatres are closed. They’ve cancelled the football and basketball. They are telling us to stay home.

So, what are we going to do while we wait for the ‘all clear’ to resume our normal routines?

Maresa Smith | DTS
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Reading The East Park Syndicate

The East Park Syndicate, like any good murder mystery, starts with the discovery of a body. In this case, the body of the mayor of East Park – businessman and political insider – Doug Clarke. 

The story is driven by several questions:

  • Who killed Doug Clarke?
  • Why was he killed?
  • Will Inspector West and his team solve the mystery and arrest the killer?

As you’d expect, I’ve also thrown in a few curveballs to make solving the crime just that little bit more of a challenge for Carl West and his team.

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The Cobalt Sky

The Cobalt Sky is book 10 in Keith Dixon’s Sam Dyke Investigations series.

The story is driven by the theft of an artwork and the dysfunctional relationships of the artist’s family. The more Sam looks into the people associated with the artist, the more dysfunctional the family appears, and the less likable the artist becomes as a person.

The investigation is hampered by a lack of honesty in several key players, one of whom is the thief. No surprise there, but there are a few surprises in the telling of this tale. A good read.

You can get a preview and purchasing details at: The Cobalt Sky.