Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Free Online Event

Are you done feeling unfulfilled in your work? Do you know you deserve more than what you seem to be getting? Are you ready to be on purpose with unbelievable confidence?

Perhaps you’ve already experienced life and career success, at least in the traditional sense … but it’s unfulfilling, or just plain exhausting. 

Maybe you want the confidence to be able to hit the next level. Maybe you want to find deeper meaning, to do work that feels aligned with your purpose, gifts and passions. 

But what is your divine purpose? How do you access your inner authority to gain certainty and direction? What does that even look and feel like in daily life?!

If you feel like you have a glass ceiling standing in your way to having the success of your dreams, I have great news. My friend and colleague, Shelli Roberts, is hosting a complimentary online summit, bringing together over 20 experts (including me) to share our wisdom on clearing what is holding you back from being unstoppable. You can have the success and fulfilment you want. 

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling FREE Online event 

Starting 17 August 2020

This virtual interview series will help you uncover surprising ways to have more success at work and in your personal life. You will discover how to grow your confidence and slay your fears so you can experience the respect and influence you deserve; all without compromising who you are. Sounds pretty great, right? This life changing summit could truly transform you in your chosen vocation!

Join us and discover the wisdom, tools, and strategies you need to finally take your life to the next level. You can have that promotion, bonus, or pay raise that you deserve – without burn-out!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

• Discover and clear what is holding you back from achieving the success of your dreams.

• Learn how to know and connect to your inner guidance, so you can step onto your soul’s path and purpose in this lifetime and generate the peace and fulfilment that has been missing until now.

• Discover how to connect to your power center within and radiate out your highest expression with unstoppable confidence and certainty.

• Hear our vision for a better world where all persons are living in service to their inner divine, with deep fulfilment and in alignment with their own unique soul signature and contributions to the world.

We’ll show you that you don’t have to wait around wondering if there’s more to life, and you don’t have to settle for your current circumstances.

Shelli Roberts, the director of this event, has travelled the path from a life that felt like one prolonged nightmare to a life of inner peace, self-confidence and self-certainty. She had longed with all her heart for “something better than this” and she chose to pursue her inner calling.

Now, having awoken from her former nightmare, she is manifesting the best version of her life, in peace, and with ease and grace. She now has both tangible and emotional prosperity from cultivating her connection to her inner authority, clearing her own glass ceilings, and stepping onto her soul’s purpose path.  

She feels called to be of service to others and to herself, and that is what this Summit is all about. You’re reading this now because you want to transform your experience into something that energizes you. Shelli knows this is possible for you, because she has cultivated the wisdom, guidance, and tools necessary and brought together an amazing group of experts so you can have them too.  

Everything you need is at your fingertips in this free online event. Reserve your spot, at no cost, and join us.

Bonus Gifts and Resources

Participating experts are sharing amazing free gifts and resources designed to assist you on this incredible journey toward creating a life where you blast through your inner glass ceilings to step into your own version of your greatest success. The speaker roster is a power-packed line-up. You are in for a life-changing experience.

You won’t want to miss this. In the Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Summit you will amp up your self awareness and inner peace, and learn how to apply your inner authority for your own self-empowerment. 

Replays will be available for 7 days so you can listen or watch at the times that suit your schedule. 

Turning a Crime into a Story

A few years ago, I attended a crime writers conference where one of the speakers told us true crime stories were less interesting than crime fiction.

Although true crime stories hold a certain fascination for some – there will always be people who want to know all the gory details about who was having sex with whom and how that led to murder or whatever – the point the speaker was making was that, in the main, most real crime is committed for very banal reasons by fairly stupid people. A straight retelling of such stories generally does not make for a good reading experience.

So, what’s a crime writer to do with all that true crime material the world delivers each day? 

You select a crime and turn it into a story using your imagination. You rewrite the boring bits into a story with a few unexpected twists. You transform the fairly stupid people into interesting characters and give them some less banal motivations for their criminal activities. And, you add in the dimension of seeing it through the eyes of the investigators, which allows the story to unfold and draw you into sorting out the mystery of how the crime came into being.

Let’s consider an example from the Stella Bruno Investigates series: A Gun of Many Parts. This story is based on the facts of a true crime committed in Australia.

The basic facts of the crime are:

A man fired a pistol in a suburban street after an argument with a woman and drove off in his car.

The incident was reported to police, along with the registration number of the car of the shooter.

The police pulled over the car and discovered the driver in possession of a Glock pistol, a prohibited import in Australia.

The shooter wouldn’t divulge details of how he’d come into possession of the pistol.

At this point, we’re dealing with a crime committed for a banal reason – an argument – and a stupid act by someone smart enough to keep his mouth shut. But the story took a twist when the police examined the pistol – the three main components of the Glock had different serial numbers.

To most of us, that little fact doesn’t mean much, but to a police ballistics expert it was a red flag, because when a Glock leaves the factory in Austria, those component have the same serial number.

This led to the uncovering of another crime, one committed by three men with a brilliant idea that unravelled thanks to the stupid act of one of their customers, their own lack of foresight, and meticulous record keeping by Glock.

So, what did I do with those facts? First, I shifted the scene of the crime into South Australia, where Stella Bruno does her thing. Then, I invented the characters I needed and wove their story around the bare bones of the real crime.

You can see how it turned out in A Gun of Many Parts.

A World of Ideas to Keep a Crime Writer Busy

Crime writers will not have to worry about a lack of source material for their story ideas any time soon.

Now that the pandemic and the protests are slipping down in the news headlines, we’re seeing the normal run of everyday crimes getting some media attention again.

Despite the lockdown, we still seem to be murdering each other and stealing other people’s stuff, while our political and corporate leaders continue playing their corrupt power games. 

While most of us have been happily surfing the web to distract ourselves from or to follow the pandemic and protests, several state actors have been actively engaged in cybercrime, espionage, and the dissemination of false information across social media. And, that’s without mentioning the antics of that man in the White House.

There are story ideas everywhere you look. 

Guess I’ll be writing a few more books like the Stella Bruno Investigates story I’m currently working on.

Can we get life to resemble fiction?

In crime fiction, we tend to portray the police as the good guys. Our characters are dedicated investigators bringing perpetrators of serious crime to justice. After all, that’s what our readers expect to find in a murder mystery. They’re not looking for stories of police brutality.

Unfortunately, what we’re seeing in real life is examples of the police as perpetrators of violent crime. We’re seeing videos of police officers murdering people on the streets of America. We’re seeing footage of heavily armed officers brutally attacking peaceful #blacklivesmatter protesters with batons, rubber bullets, and tear gas. 

It’s tempting to see what’s going on as an American problem. It’s not. It happens in too many places, across all forms of government. It’s happening where you live, even if it’s not happening to you.

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What Do You Think Is Happening?

There appears to be a lot going on in the world at the moment.

I suspect that what we think is happening depends on who we are, where we are, and what we use as our information sources.

I believe we can only come to a common understanding by listening to each other. There is no right or wrong answer since none of us has all the details. There is only a multiplicity of views which, when woven together, will create our common whole.

So, this week, instead of telling you what I think is going on, I invite you to share what you think is going on in the comments below.

Resuming Control of Your Story

If you listen to the news media or spend your days scrolling through social media posts, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the sky is falling. It’s not.

If you’re finding the news depressing; turn it off.

If you can’t trust what your friends and others are sharing on social media; do your own research or stop reading the fake news posts they share.

If Trump’s tweeting and the media coverage his insane tweets attract are driving you to distraction; ignore him. In the greater scheme of things, Trump is irrelevant. He’s only a bit player in the story of your life – even if you live in the USA.

Tino Renato | DTS
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Be Responsible

Henry Be | Unsplash

Being responsible is taking responsibility for your words, thoughts, and behaviours.

It means no more blaming others for any aspect of your life.

It means knowing you always have the power to choose how you will respond to any life event or any person’s behaviour.

Be Open

Henry Be | Unsplash

Being open helps you to be peaceful as it allows for diversity.

Being open-minded allows you to learn new things and enjoy new experiences.

Being open-hearted allows you to be loving and compassionate.

Being open allows things to flow through you and manifest in your world.

Be Present

Henry Be | Unsplash

Being present is choosing to have your attention in the here and now.

It’s what allows you to hear what the person in front of you is saying, and not just with the words being spoken. 

Being present is the ultimate gift you can give to another. It’s how you say: I see you. I hear you.

It’s also the ultimate gift you can give to yourself.

Be Mindful

Henry Be | Unsplash

Being mindful is paying attention to what’s going on in your life as it’s happening.

It’s about focusing on the task at hand and not time travelling down memory lane or into distant future scenarios.

Being mindful enhances the enjoyment of living as it allows you to savour experiences instead of living through them while wishing you were somewhere else.