Reading Whistleblower

Whistleblower: someone who informs on a person or organisation engaging in unlawful or immoral acts. 

We hear about the more sensational whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden, who take their stories to the media. Most public service whistleblowing is nothing like that. It’s routine and done behind closed doors far away from the media spotlight.

Whistleblower starts with the routine reporting of a suspicion that something is not quite right in the Office of State Supply. However, the whistleblower makes a mistake that alerts those involved and puts him in harm’s way.

The story explores a simple premise: the whistleblower has his own secret that leads to his death after he lifts the lid on the secret dealings of the Office of State Supply.

But, as anyone who’s read the other books in this series will know, it won’t be that simple. You will find several stories wrapped together in this tale of murder and intrigue.

In addition to DI West’s investigation of the murder of the whistleblower, there’s the ongoing investigation into the killing of homeless men in and around a building in the city that started before the action kicked off by the whistleblower, and another into the brutal murder of a young woman working as an upmarket escort, whose body is found in an apartment rented by the whistleblower.

There’s also the story of a father seeking revenge against those who have drawn his daughter into the world of sex work – an angry man doing rash things. And, there are the stories of those involved in the secret the whistleblower set out to expose, including the story of the man who started the company the whistleblower believed was colluding with his corrupt colleagues. He ends up dead on the beach at Carrick, the victim of another murder for DI West and the team to investigate.

Read Whistleblower to experience these threads coming together to weave a tale of unexpected connections and outcomes.

Whistleblower. Simple premise. Intricate story.

And, for those following the life of Carl West, he will be a father by the time you finish reading this one.

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