Behind The Cost of Survival.

An insight into The Cost of Survival by J L Stowers, author of the Genesis Rising series, for those that like a bit of dark post-apocalyptic science fiction.

The Cost of Survival is a science fiction thriller exploring the dark side of human nature from a world on the brink of destruction. It asks the question, “What if humankind could no longer reproduce?” The answer is shockingly disturbing, but perhaps not too far from the truth if our dark history repeats itself.

The main character, Walt Marshall, is cynical and distrustful of the very government that hired him. Yet he can’t say no to a once in a lifetime mission to a remote area devoid of the masses and their overwhelming use of technology. He makes his new home outside a military camp in a war-torn valley and hopes to restore the area to its once fruitful nature.

Walt quickly realizes things aren’t what they seem when he stumbles upon an unspeakable secret regarding the truth as to why this valley was selected for colonization.

However, the closer he gets to finding answers, the more he’s reminded of the emotional anguish he tried to leave behind.

His path to the truth leads through espionage and treason, forcing Walt out of his comfort zone, and the long-time loner is forced to trust and rely on the people around him in order to uncover the facts.

This story is filled with twists, turns, and symbolism to keep you on your toes. However, the best thing the first book in the Genesis Rising series has to offer is a glimpse at the lore fueling the trilogy.

In the short story prequel, Project Genesis, we witness the discovery of the Genesis documents and the formation of the secret organization behind the translation. In The Cost of Survival, Walt Marshall experiences the mysterious language once more, and we learn some of the information uncovered in the Genesis documents. More will be revealed throughout the series.

This incredible journey will take you beyond your expectations. It all starts with learning the secrets within The Cost of Survival.

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