Need a change? Read a new author.

We’re creatures of habit, and that applies to our reading habits as well.

When was the last time you consciously chose to read a new author, someone you haven’t read before?

You’ve probably come across that statement, rightly or wrongly attributed to Einstein, reminding you that if you keep doing the same thing you’ll get the same results, or words to that effect. Applies to ideas and beliefs, too.

If you keep reading books by the same authors, how do you expect to have your ideas or beliefs challenged?

Most of us are caught up in thought bubbles where ‘birds of a feather have flocked together.’

If you want to experience how someone else treats your favorite subject or type of story, try a new author. In fact, try an Indie Author,  whose work hasn’t been filtered by some corporate publishing watchdog.

A few for you to consider:

Just type their names into the search box of your retailer of choice and risk a few dollars on exploring a new author this week. You might be surprised.

Peter Mulraney is the author of the Inspector West and Stella Bruno Investigates crime series, the Everyday Business Skills and Living Alone series, and My Life is My Responsibility: Insights for Conscious Living.

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  1. Yes, this is so true! Having been reading many of Cardinal Ratzinger’s and the same, Pope Benedict XVI’s literature – extremely faith building in simple format, plain-speak- I swapped tones with The Wreck of the Titan or Futility which is quite a treat! Very surprised to read about the code of behavior (probably just in old times) that the naval soldiers adhere to even after becoming criminals, pirates.

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