Ann Cleeves

There must be something about living on an island that drives people to desperate acts. At least that’s the impression I’m getting from reading The Shetland books by Ann Cleeves.

So far, I’ve read Raven Black and White Nights.

Raven Black is set in the dark winter months when very little sunlight reaches the Shetlands. White Nights, on the other hand, is set during the summer when the sky refuses to go dark.

Local Inspector Jimmy Perez works with Inspector Roy Taylor from Inverness to solve two murders in Raven Black and a string of murders in White Nights.

Cleeves gives her readers insights into the many characters involved. I enjoyed the books.

Must admit, I’m also a fan of her Vera TV series.

You can get an insight into the island life in Shetland from and the Shetland Islands.

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