The mystical journey

It’s not about finding God. That’s an impossible task.

That which is, otherwise known as God and a host of other names, reveals itself to anyone who takes the journey inspired by the question: Who am I?

That’s the mystical journey.

The point of the mystical journey is not to find God but to become known by God, and the only way you can come to that is to know yourself.

The journey is a process of uncovering and remembering that looks like a process of learning and discovery. It’s a journey of unlearning and unmasking. It’s a journey of coming out from behind your defensive shield. It’s a journey of courage and vulnerability. It’s a journey of integrating all aspects of yourself into wholeness.

The journey cannot begin until you have lived a life you don’t want.

It’s only when you realize you want something more or that you’ve been living someone else’s dream or that you’ve settled for something less to survive that you’re in a position to begin.

When that unsettling moment arrives, if you take the opportunity to spend some time exploring your doubts and questions, you may hear the call to embark on the journey. Or you may let your fears persuade you that it’s better not to rock the boat or upset anybody.

But, God wants us all to begin. So, if you put it off, you may receive a more intense wake-up call, especially if you’re reluctant to make changes in your life. You get fired. Your spouse leaves you. You get sick. You lose all your money. Things stop working for you.

You have free will. So, when or whether you answer the call is your choice but, be warned, God is persistent.

The mystical journey is an inner journey.

Your dragons live within, so that’s where you need to go to meet them. It’s a journey of death and resurrection where you put aside your old identity and take up a new one. It’s a journey without end because who you are is forever expanding.

Your inner journey ultimately influences the expression of your outer journey. When you remember who you are, discover why you’re here, and what gives you purpose, it’s impossible to carry on as you have been living. Going on the journey always leads to transformation.

We all know this journey. This is why we’re in love with stories, especially stories that embody the hero’s journey.

All heroes are called to undertake the hero’s journey and come to know themselves, and you are the hero in your life.

Maybe, this is not what you thought being a mystic was all about but, trust me, it is.

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