One False Move

David Callinan’s One False Move is a quick read.

It’s a short story introducing the fast-paced world of ex-US assassin, ex-Hong Kong Police, ex-esoteric monk, Irish-American Mike Delaney.

When I read that string of words describing Mike Delaney I thought of that other ex-monk, ex-policeman, Ten (Guy Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay) but, as I got into the story, I realized Mike Delaney was more like Jack Reacher (Lee Childs) or John Milton (Mark Dawson).

He’s one of those kick-ass action heroes who are able to extract themselves from what (to us mere mortals at least) appear to be impossible situations.

The story is an easy read and contains the essential elements of a thriller. There’s a life and death situation, the hero taking on the villains and, of course, an improbable escape.

I was intrigued enough by Mike Delaney to add The Immortality Plot to my reading list.

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