Productivity – an overview

Productivity in the workplace is a measure of your effectiveness – with a focus on both the quality and quantity of the work you do.

Your personal productivity is influenced by a range of factors:

  • Lifestyle
  • Attitude
  • Work Environment
  • Habits
  • Tools
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Community


Lifestyle is about how you’re living your life. Your lifestyle choices impact your productivity in the workplace. The secret is becoming aware of how what you’re doing when you’re not at work is influencing your productivity at work.


Attitude or mindset is about how you approach things mentally. If you hate your job, you’re going to find it difficult to be more productive. If you’re set in your ways and not open to change, you’re going to struggle with doing things differently, which is often a key ingredient for increasing productivity.

Work Environment

If you work in an environment that does not encourage change or innovation, you’re likely to meet resistance whenever you try something different. Sometimes you have to take a risk and lead from where you are, even if you aren’t in charge. And, more importantly, when you are.


Your daily habits either facilitate or impede your productivity. You need to bring your habits into awareness and to assess their value. Some of them may have to go. You may need to develop some new ones.


There are plenty of productivity tools or apps available on the open market – but what’s available in your workplace? If you’re self-employed you get to experiment and choose. If you’re an employee you’ll need to master what’s available.


What are the skills required to do your job? Do you have them? Can you learn them? Are you prepared to invest in your own education?


What do you know about your job or your role in the workplace? And, just as important, what don’t you know about it? What knowledge do you need to have to be more effective? Are you prepared to get that knowledge?


Who are the people around you? Are they supportive of your desire to increase your productivity? Does your productivity depend upon the actions of others?

If you want to increase your productivity, you’ll need to address each of these factors.

Peter Mulraney has forty years experience working in schools, banking, and government. He is the author of the Inspector West crime series, the Living Alone series of self-help books for men, Sharing the Journey: Reflections of a Reluctant Mystic, The New Girlfriendand the Everyday Business Skills series.

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    1. Yes, skills are important, but even highly skilled individuals are less effective when they don’t get enough sleep. I think we can be more effective by being more aware of all the factors that play a part in determining our productivity.

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