What’s blocking your personal productivity?

10Productivity is an economic concept that arose as a way of measuring the efficiency of production processes.

Now, it’s routinely applied to employees – people like you.

You are expected to be more productive every year.

You need to deliver more from your personal effort to justify your continued employment.

‘What, you want a raise? Show me how you’re going to be more productive. This is a business, not a charity!’

And, don’t think you’re immune if you are self-employed – all productivity depends on your personal effort.

One step towards increasing your personal productivity

A first step towards increasing your personal productivity is to identify the things that stop you from being more productive, and then find ways to get around those obstacles.

You’re not alone. We all have habits and things in our environment that seem to hold us back from reaching our full potential in the workplace. Some of you have, no doubt, found ways to be more productive.

For example, one thing that used to distract me from the task at hand was all those notifications that pop up to tell you that you have received a new email.

Seeing one from the boss always interrupted my line of thought, even if it was something that didn’t need my immediate attention.

I solved that problem by turning off the notifications and looking at my inbox after I had taken a break. That way the important emails got attended to in a timely manner and I got to concentrate on whatever I was doing without interruption, which allowed me to get things done faster.

What’s blocking your personal productivity?

Use the comments to share how you have overcome something that was blocking your productivity or tell us something you need help with.

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