The secret of appreciation

The secret of appreciation


We are highly skilled at complaining about the things that are wrong in our lives. We all know what we don’t want or don’t have.

When was the last time you focused on the things that are working for you? The things that you have and want in your life.

The law of attraction

According to the law of attraction, you attract into your life those things that you put your attention on. If you want more good things in your life, appreciating the good things already present is one sure way of attracting more of them.

The flip side of the law of attraction is that if you put your attention on the things that you don’t want or don’t have, you will continue to attract more of those.

For some reason, we tend to take the good things for granted and devote our energy to bitching about what we don’t want or don’t have. Now that you know about the law of attraction, you know what that means, don’t you?

Actions to consider

By giving up the bitching, you can refocus your energy on appreciating the things you have been taking for granted. In other words, stop complaining and put your attention on what is working for you in your current circumstances.

Look around you. The circumstances of your life reflect what you have been giving your attention to. Okay, it might not be all that pretty but, if you’re reading this, somethings must be working for you.

Take a moment and identify the things, conditions, and relationships that support your wellbeing and prosperity. Acknowledge that you have attracted them into your life. Be grateful for them.

A few items that could be on your list of things to appreciate

The people that love and support you: lovers, parents, friends, children, people that you work with.

People that serve you: shop assistants, postal workers, public transport drivers, police officers, teachers, government employees, farmers, truck drivers…

All those things that keep your body alive: air, water, food.

Things that provide bodily comfort: clothing, housing, electricity, plumbing, warm bedding in winter, air conditioning, microwave oven, gas cooktop, refrigerator, freezer, hot and cold running water, inside flush toilet, shower, washing machine, clothes dryer, windows, lighting….

The job or profession that provides your income. Even if you don’t like your current job there is something about it that is working for you. Appreciate that part. That’s the bit you want more of.

The secret

The secret is to give your attention to the things you appreciate every day.

Peter Mulraney is a creative writer from Australia. 

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