The New Girlfriend

Sometimes you need to allow a bit of space between completing a manuscript and starting on all the editing and proofreading required to prepare it for publishing. When I finished the final draft for Holy Death, the next title in the Inspector West series, I indulged myself by writing a short romance story: The New Girlfriend.

The story was inspired by the ‘new girlfriend’ adventures of a couple of my mates, and my reading of Transitions – making sense of life’s changes by William Bridges, when I was preparing to retire from the public service.

I had a lot of fun writing this one.

The New Girlfriend

For reasons known only to science, there are men who believe they can’t live without a woman in their lives. Dave Chambers is one of them. Unfortunately for Dave, the woman in his life dies on him.

The New Girlfriend is Dave’s story of how he copes with that unexpected and poorly timed death, and meets ‘the new girlfriend’.

As any man can tell you, finding a new girlfriend is not as easy as it sounds when his friends, usually in a pub somewhere, are encouraging him to get out and meet someone new.

Like most love stories, Dave’s experience of ‘the new girlfriend’ is not all smooth sailing. It has some heartache, some funny moments, and a promising ending.

If you enjoy a light hearted look at life, even at some of its darker moments, you’ll enjoy The New Girlfriend.

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