Heat Wave – Revisited.


Three weeks ago, I shared the story of the manuscript of Heat Wave, by Coral E Rowlands, which my mother found in a cupboard in a rented apartment in 1989.

A chance meeting last week, between Coral’s son and a distant cousin from his mother’s side of the family, sparked an internet search over Sunday lunch.

They sent me an email from the contact page, posted a comment on the blog, messaged me on Facebook and shared the link across their family network.

There was a marked spike in page views for my blog that day, and there was a high level of excitement when I called Coral’s son on Sunday evening.

Yesterday, I met with one of Coral’s grand-daughters, who lives a ten-minute drive from my house, and passed the manuscript back into the hands of the Rowland family.

I gather Coral was quite a character, but I’ll let her family share that story.

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