How to pack for a holiday

The WEA adult learning course guide arrived with the local paper during the week.

I spotted a course on: How to pack for a holiday.

‘Wardrobe planning and travel tips. How to achieve maximum benefit from minimum pieces. Travel for a month in Europe from a cabin sized bag.’ Fee: $45, no disc. or conc.

What would be your travel tips?

I thought the most obvious would be not to go in winter. That would definitely reduce the required wardrobe.

What can you fit in a cabin sized bag?

Quite a bit actually, especially if you opt for one pair of shoes and wear your jeans and whatever coat you decide to take. Even if you carry the coat, a cabin bag has plenty of room for a couple of changes of underwear and several tee-shirts. What else do you need, apart from a plastic card connected to the banking system?

There you go, saved you $45.


Thanks for dropping by, Peter.


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  1. Very pertinent seeing as next weekend I shall be packing for 4! I like to stuff socks & undies into shoes & unused nooks in the suitcase. I also protect anything breakable with a barrier of clothing all around it. And my final tip is BYO Kindle, because then you can bring a whole library for that all important relaxing time.

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