Real crime

Sometimes, real crime stories make the fictional version look like the entertainment that it is.

This week, a friend who had been to Italy, gave me a copy of Chi Ha Paura Muore Ogni Giorno by Giuseppe Ayala. (Whoever is afraid dies every day.)

This is an inside look at the Sicilian mafia war that led to the assassination of three magistrates – Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. The author was one of their colleagues.

Interestingly, it seems the magistrates only started making progress when they switched their attention away from tracing the movement of drugs from Sicily to the USA to following the trail of the money coming into Sicily from the USA by wire transfer.

Another thing I find interesting is that it wasn’t until Giovanni Falcone became part of the investigation that the magistrates started fighting fire with fire – Falcone persuaded them that the best way to fight organised crime was with organised magistrates.

Obviously, Falcone and his colleagues were effective – a little too effective for the mafia.

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