Workshop Weekend

Sometimes you end up doing way too much.

I spent Friday at a Lean Management workshop. Check out this 90-second video Lean Management for a quick overview of the principles.

Yes, in case you’re wondering why I was there, it’s true – government agencies are into lean management.

The presenter took the time to point out that being a lean organisation does not mean being a malnourished organisation – one trying to improve efficiency by reducing the number of employees – a common misconception.

I devoted Saturday and Sunday to the SA Writers Centre Crime Fest workshop. Two days of panel discussions and master classes on writing crime. What a buzz.

Crime writing is alive and kicking down under. Met some interesting people, bought some books (as you do) and heard some interesting tales from a clinical psychologist, a retired deputy police commissioner and writers of crime both real and fictional.

burglarOne interesting point made by the real crime writers and the policeman was that crime fiction is generally more exciting than real crime, which is usually fairly mundane and poorly executed by unskilled criminals. So, I guess that’s why we read it.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.




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