On being a mystic

San-Francisco-de-AsisOnce upon a time, I thought that being a mystic was all about prayer, fasting and meditation – and living in the spiritual realms of existence.

You know, being a living saint, like Francis of Assisi, or a modern day holy man like Bede Griffiths.

No wonder I was a little reluctant to heed the call. I mean, who wants to live like that?

I was misinformed.

Sure, some mystics might pray, meditate and fast – but being a mystic is about being fully engaged in the life you’re living here on planet earth – otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

It’s not about escaping to some cloud of unknowing or any other nirvana. No, it’s about finding out who you are and why you’re here – this time.

The challenge is to be present and aware – and that’s how you become a mystic.

Meditation helps you become aware but you need to choose to be present.

It’s amazing what you notice when you’re aware of the filters in your mind and you choose to be in the present moment.

You won’t know what it’s like until you give it a go.

It’s as easy as breathing.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

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