How well do you know the person you live with?

Most of us in living in long-term relationships assume a lot things about our partner based on trust.

It’s only when something unexpected happens that we start to doubt that trust – which is one of the themes explored in After.

Consider this moment in Paul Ford’s life, just after Inspector West has told him something Paul was not expecting.

“What the hell had Josie been up to? Why on earth would she be getting into a limo when she was meant to be going to school on the bus? She had turned up at school on time on Monday, so maybe Anna had picked her up. So what went wrong on Tuesday that led to her being shot dead? No, Anna picking her up didn’t make sense. Anna certainly wouldn’t have shot her. Not Anna. She didn’t even like killing bugs. Besides, she had her own kids to get to school.

Did he really know her? Shit. How much other stuff didn’t he know about her? They’d been married for nearly twenty years but he was starting to doubt whether he knew her at all. How often had he assumed she had left the house to catch the bus to work and she had done something else? What really happened on those weekends when she was away with Anna and he was home looking after the boys? Was she really working back after school or meeting someone with a stretch limo to do who knew what before coming home?

Stop it! You’re letting your fears run amuck! What’s that phrase you need here? Show me the evidence! That’s it. Take a few deep breaths and get a grip before you talk yourself into believing this shit! God, the girl’s only been dead a day. What on earth are you thinking? There will be a rational explanation. There has to be.

Isn’t a body with a bullet in the head evidence? Well, it says you’re dead but it doesn’t explain why, and that’s the bit I don’t know. Why would someone shoot her? She wouldn’t hurt a fly. Oh, Josie, what did you get mixed up in?”

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