Forty years

Forty years is a long time – by some reckonings.

It represents a continuous span of 14,600 days.

On reflection, it seems I have had a lot of opportunities for expressing love, since we got married on the 11th of May 1975.


I know I missed a few of those opportunities.

Today isn’t one of them.

Forty years is a long time to devote to one relationship.

I’m glad we have – and continue to do so.

Toni, thank you for that ‘magic day’ forty years ago and for the 14,600 days since.

I love you, Peter.

6 Replies to “Forty years”

  1. Wow sweetheart a very public declaration of continued love – I’m touched. Thank you and you are welcome.Much love and missing you. Happy where we are in our journey and eagerly awaiting the next chapter. (BTW did you receive your electronic card?) Talk soon ??

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