Here, there be dragons!

The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly arrived at my place this week, courtesy of one of my brothers, who thought I might be inspired to continue writing by Matthew’s impressive sales figures – more than 7 million copies in 20 different languages according to the blurb on the book cover. Or maybe he’s trying to get me to stop writing murder mysteries and switch to his preferred read – action thrillers.

In the front of the book, Matthew reminds us that ancient map makers used to write – Here, there be dragons – on those parts of the map which represented unknown or unexplored regions.

That prompted this response from the support crew here in Adelaide.

Here there be dragons

Always happy to promote a fellow Aussie author.

If you’re not into action thrillers – maybe I can tempt you buy one of my murder mysteries and push my sales numbers closer to that mythic 7 million mark!

Thanks for dropping by, Peter

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