Change of view

Last weekend I travelled to Burra – a two-hour road trip from my place – to attend a significant birthday celebration in that restored railway station I wrote about in my previous post.
imageI used to say to my wife that I could retire to a place like Burra, and she would always reply that she hoped I’d remember to send her a postcard.

It was pretty obvious my ‘city girl’ had no intention of retiring to a small country town ‘in-the-middle-of-nowhere’ – even if that’s where I’d come from.

If you are not familiar with population density figures for Australia, let me tell you there are lots of places with an ‘in-the-middle-of-nowhere’ feel. Australia is basically an empty continent, despite the fact that twenty-three million plus people live here – mostly in coastal cities.

When I drove into Burra last Saturday I knew something had changed – and it wasn’t Burra.

Maybe it’s all those trips to New York or travel to Europe. Whatever it is, I realised that Burra was no longer on my list of places to live in retirement.

Something has changed in my worldview.

It’s now obvious to me that there is no way I could go back to my small town country roots.

I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.

I just know that it’s no longer an option.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter


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