Edict from a self-appointed authority

Friends, we live in interesting times.

This week a self-styled authority, operating within a self-proclaimed state, issued a command to his followers and sympathisers around the world to commit random acts of violence in the name of his cause.

Nothing new there, you say.

The message might not be new – it’s as old as the notion of empire itself – but the means of its delivery, via modern high-tech cyberspace, gave it an instantaneous worldwide audience.

Disturbingly, we have already witnessed acts of violence in response.

The powers that be on the world stage are responding in their chosen fashion as well – more violence, just a different type.

As a self-appointed authority of love, I’ve chosen a different response. I’ve decided to issue an edict authorising random acts of love and kindness.

Peter’s edict to commit random acts of love and kindness

Friends, in the name of love, I authorise you to commit random acts of love and kindness on members of the public in the nation where you live, regardless of race, religion, age or occupation.

See the people in front of you, wherever you are.

Smile and greet each other.

Be welcoming to all in your community, especially those that appear different to you.

It doesn’t matter what they are wearing.

Each person you meet is a brother or sister.

Talk to each other. Listen to each other.

Find what you have in common and learn from your differences.

Share what you have to give and receive what others offer you.

Care for each other.

Help each other.

Speak kindly of each other.

The choice is always between love or fear.

Choose love every time!

Remember, we are all in this together, so share this edict with your friends and let love be expressed across the face of the earth.


Yours in love, Peter.

2 Replies to “Edict from a self-appointed authority”

  1. I’m in! Thank you Peter for offering a different stand, a different choice. Thank you for your passion and love, for taking the time to be a balancing, no a totally different VOICE!! Thank you for your courage to stand up and authorize whomever will listen, hear, and act, to spread kindness. The voice of love has to be heard as much as the voice of fear to cancel out the latter. Together we can do it!

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