What is it about Superman we find so attractive? hero_action1

I don’t know about you but I like the idea of flying without having to make a reservation, go through customs and border protection or worry about the flight being cancelled or hijacked or worse.

I’m not so keen on the fancy costume with the underpants on the outside and the flapping cape.

I guess we would all like to be invincible. Or is that invulnerable?

Did you notice that the creators of Superman couldn’t quite bring themselves to make him totally invincible? They gave him a weak spot. Interesting that they chose a piece of his home planet as the weapon that could undo him.

Bit like being vulnerable to home truths – those little things that only those closest to us know, which can be used to pull the rug out from under us when we go that little bit too far in public. Isn’t it interesting that those who love us the most are the ones who take the wind out of our sails the quickest?

Who was the one person that could get Superman to do anything? Yes, you got it; Lois Lane. So he wasn’t invulnerable either.

Not so sure I would want to be rushing about the place saving every damsel in distress or chasing down every criminal wreaking havoc on society. I mean, why would you want to let everybody else off the hook of taking responsibility for their actions? No. I’ve resigned from being the general manager of the universe and that includes being the saviour of the world.

Superman would certainly be busy if he was around today, what with all that stuff going on in Syria and Iraq, and who knows how many other places. I wonder if a man of steel could withstand a rocket-propelled anti-tank round the way he can withstand a speeding bullet. Come to think of it, tanks are made of steel, so maybe not. Perhaps even superheroes have limitations, and I guess back in the 1930s no-one imagined the sort of troubles or weapons we would bring into existence by 2014.

There’s one thing about Superman though that I think we are all emulating. We’re all hiding behind a version of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. We’re keeping our real strengths and talents hidden, mainly because we don’t trust ourselves or believe in ourselves enough to live authentically. Some of us are so much into being Clark Kent we aren’t even aware of our Superman nature.

It’s only when you’ve travelled some distance on the inner journey that you realise there is a lot more to your nature than you were led to believe. But you won’t discover what that nature is unless you’re prepared to look under the mask and find out who really is in there, and nobody can tell who you’ll find. You need to discover that for yourself. You wouldn’t believe me anyway.


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