Living your life on purpose

Expanding love is the purpose of the soul. How the soul goes about doing that colours the life purpose of its manifestations in form – us.

It doesn’t actually matter what you choose to do as your life’s work – it can always be infused with the soul’s purpose of expanding love.

The challenge is allowing the soul to inform you how to live your life as a servant of its purpose, while you’re doing what you have chosen as your life’s work.

Once you tune into the voice of the soul, it doesn’t take long before you realise some of the hows of the way you have been living your life do not fit in with the soul’s purpose. That’s why you get those little uneasy feeling when you do something that you know is not expanding love in any shape or form.

When you choose to align your living with the soul’s purpose it impacts on everything you do. You start to relax and let go of your need to control everyone and everything. You give up being the general manager of the universe.

You also give up your goal of attaining more stuff at any expense and start to appreciate that your store of love is inexhaustible. You discover that you can keep giving it away for free, with no strings attached, without ever running out.

You start seeing all others as people of equal value and not just as functionaries delivering your wants and needs. You no longer need to be a grump or to treat people rudely just because they’re different or to simply get your way. You stop pushing your agenda and start living from the heart.


This is a whole new dimension of living your life on purpose. This is a step beyond working out what your passion is. The soul doesn’t mind whether you think your passion is climbing mountains or working with kids. What the soul asks is that you use your passion as a vehicle for expanding love.

When you start listening to the soul you make different choices in how you go about living. You realise that violence is never the answer to conflict at either a personal or international level. You choose to de-escalate issues instead of escalating them into fights or arguments. You become the one who smiles, instead of rages, when someone cuts you off in traffic. You become the one who pauses to breathe and centre yourself, instead of the one reacting angrily out of habit, when someone blames you for something.

You live from your authentic self and stop living behind the mask of your self-image.

Sometimes it’s difficult to follow the quiet voice of the soul when all around us, and on the nightly news, we see evidence of a world riven with strife and violence. That’s why reluctant mystics are a people of faith. We have faith that the soul’s purpose will manifest itself in our world, and we know that’s what we are here for.

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