No ordinary moments

All of us live a life composed of moments. One moment follows another, from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

Most of us, given the media coverage of today’s heroes and celebrities, believe we live ordinary lives. We might have the occasional special moment, like getting married, the birth of a child, launching a business venture or retiring after forty years in the workforce, but in the main, we see our lives as routine.

But routine does not necessarily mean ordinary.

Your life is ordinary only if you think it has no meaning. When you come to understand that your life has meaning, there are no ordinary moments. Every moment is a gift from your soul, as it guides you home.

Most of us are living life on cruise control, so we don’t notice what the soul is up to – until it presents us with a moment that really gets our attention.

The soul likes to nudge us towards our purpose, but we are an insensitive or reluctant lot, and sometimes we need more than a gentle nudge to shift our awareness. Sometimes we need a push or a jolt. Sometimes, like St Paul, we need to be thrown off our horse.

Some of us need to be thrown off our horse many times because we insist on getting back on the same horse.

If we are awake to it, we are all on the hero’s journey.

Be careful here, I’m talking about real heroes, not the pseudo-heroes of the sports field or movie fame, but the hero as the person living life authentically.

We all know about the hero’s journey. It’s the basis of many stories and movies. One of the best examples of the conscious use of the hero’s journey, as mapped out by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, is the Star Wars series.

If you stay on your horse or within your comfort zone, you can’t start the hero’s journey.

That’s why the soul keeps nudging you, and you feel restless or dissatisfied with your life situation. For some of us, that nudging is enough to start us on the journey – several times.

Eventually, the soul presents us with an experience that we find difficult to ignore – our lover leaves, we lose our job, our business fails, we crash our car, our house is robbed, we get a serious illness or break a leg.

You get the picture, and if you’re awake enough when it happens, you might recognise the experience for what it is: a call to move out of your comfort zone, to get off the particular horse you’re riding at the time and set out on a different path – on a different horse.

Some of us resist the invitation to reflect on our life, to examine what we’ve been doing, to examine the things we believe to be the truth, to question what we’re here for, to take a new direction.

What’s going on in your life right now?

Are you at one of those moments when you’ve fallen from your horse?

I invite you to take a moment and have look, a real look.

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Don’t just get back on that horse.






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