Think or Sink

“It is scary to think that it is our choices that dictate our happiness. Accepting this responsibility means giving up our excuses, our reasons and our justifications. And that feels vulnerable. And vulnerable doesn’t feel safe. But I offer that taking back the power from your circumstances is worth the “vulnerability” because the reward of getting your power back is the very thing you are trying to accomplish by attempting to control your circumstances.

Imagine if your happiness wasn’t dependent on getting anything, changing anyone or eradicating any circumstance. Imagine if you could be happy regardless of what happens to you. Wouldn’t you be just a teeny bit interested in finding out how that might work?”

From Think or Sink. The one choice that changes everything by Gina Mollicone-Long. You can check out Gina and get more details on the book at

Another perspective on the power of choice. If you want to make conscious choices, instead of following the default choices of your conditioning, you need to put some new tools into your toolkit and start using them.

This book has some useful tools to get you started.

I’m making a suggestion. You get to choose whether you do anything about it.

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