Peter Mulraney ~ a crime writing mystic


Inspector West Series

The Inspector Westcrime series explores the lives of people who commit crimes, mess up relationships and fall in love – not necessarily in that order – and the life of Inspector Carl West, who solves a crime or two.

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Stella Bruno Investigates

An exciting series of intriguing quick reads you can enjoy in one sitting about Detective Sergeant Stella Bruno, and the crimes she investigates. Set in and around Adelaide, South Australia, these stories allow you some armchair travel for a taste of life Down Under.

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Ryan Parish PI

Short stories following the misadventures of Ryan Parish PI.

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Writings of the Mystic

Reflections on life and insights for conscious living from a reluctant mystic living in the modern world.

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Practical life skills

Living Alone

Information for men who find themselves living alone.

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Everyday Business Skills

Skills you can use every day to make your life easier and more productive.

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The New Girlfriend

A light-hearted look at life for the newly single male.

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Coloring books and journals

Diversions for anyone looking for an excuse to take a break from life or get away from their devices.

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Hi, there.

I’m Australia’s crime writing mystic but, as you can see, I don’t restrict myself to writing crime fiction and exploring the deep and meaningful. If you’d like to stay in touch, subscribe to one or both of my email newsletters.

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